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High Temperature Emergency Lighting Battery

High Temperature Emergency Lighting Battery

    • High Temperature Emergency Lighting Battery
    • High Temperature Emergency Lighting Battery
  • High Temperature Emergency Lighting Battery

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: MAXPOWER
    Certification: CE,ROHS, UL,REACH,KS
    Model Number: NIMH 18700 4000mAh

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    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Cartons
    Delivery Time: 20-30 days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
    Supply Ability: 1, 000, 000PCS
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    Detailed Product Description
    High Light:

    emergency exit light battery


    emergency lighting battery packs


    High Temperature  Emergency Lighting Battery NIMH 18700 4000mAh 4.8V



    Quick Detail:


    1 Nominal voltage: 4.8V

    2 Nominal capacity: 4000mAh

    3 Standard charge: 400mA×15hours

    5 Standard discharge: 800mA to 1.0V

    6. Tickle charge: 135~281mA

    7 Discharge cut-off voltage: 1.0V

    8 Temperature range for operation: (Humidity: Max.85%)

      Standard charge: 0~+70℃

      Trickle charge: 0~+70℃

      Discharge: -20~+70℃

    9 Temperature range for storage: (Humidity: Max. 85%)

      Within 1 years: -20~+25℃

      Within 6 months: -20~+30℃

      Within a months: -20~+40℃

      Within a week: -20~+50℃

    10. Appearance:

      There shall be no such defect as discoloration or electrolyte leakage or zero voltage





    1. Nominal voltage: 1.2V 18700 cell
    2. Nominal capacity: 4000mAh
    3. Size: 18.0*70.0mm (18700 size)
    4. up to 1000 cycle life
    5. Warranty:4 years
    6. Certificate: CE, ROHS, UL, REACH,KS , IEC61951-1/2.
    7. 55-70 degree high temperature, 50 cycles, the capacity can keep above 90% of original capacity.
    8. Free of maintenance
    9. high energy and efficiency at high temperature , Good storage capability
    10. Robust design , side by side and stick design available
    11. Compliance with meet ICEL1010,EN60598-2-22 and IEC61951 emergency lighting standards
    12. Applications:

    Emergency lighting , Emergency fixture , outdoor lighting, public lighting, LED lighting,annunciator,solar light ,emergency lighting units (exit signs, emergency lighting fixtures, conversion kits) UPS &back-up systems ,Security devices (alarms, cable networks,)



    High Temperature Emergency Lighting Battery






    MP-NiMh  4.8V  4000mAh battery specification


    MPD-18700 4000mAh 1.2V


    18.0*70.0mm   (Diameter*Height)






    <20 mΩ

    Discharge cut-off voltage


    Maximum Charge voltage


    Standard charge current

    0.1C for 16 hours

    Standard discharge current




    Working temperature

    Charge:0-70 degree

    Discharge:-20-70 degree

    Storage temperature

    minus 20 - 70 degree

    Normal temperature capacity


    Cycle life

    500-1000 cycles 



    Competitive Advantage:


    1.Long time quality guarantee

    We ensure the Super good quality with 4 years guarantee

    Since the date of delivery from our factory

    2.A wide range of temperature adaptation(-5~70°C)

    MaxPower NICAD battery Under 55℃ condition, the battery can be charged by two different charge methods, such as using 0.05C charge 24 hours and 0.1C charge 16 hours. The capacity can reach more than 90% and the battery can be widely used in security and emergency lighting field.

    3. Excellent lifetime at high temperature

     MAXPOWER NI-CD high temperature battery can keep more than 75% capacity after 4 years under -5-55 degree temperature, MAXPOWER high temperature battery can meet ICEL1010,EN60598-2-22 and IEC61951 international standards. The high class technology of long lifetime NI-CD high temperature battery which can still keep more than 75% capacity after 6 years under -5-55 degree temperature






     Emergency Lighting Batteries:

    High Temperature Emergency Lighting Battery


    NiCd  Model No. Capacity  Voltage  Cert.
    4/5A 4/5A1100 1100mAh 1.2V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    4/5A 4/5A1100 1100mAh 2.4V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    4/5A 4/5A1100 1100mAh 3.6V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    AA AA600 600mAh 1.2V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    AA AA700 700mAh 1.2V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    AA AA800 800mAh 3.6V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    AA AA900 900mAh  4.8V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    SC SC1300 1300mAh  1.2V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    SC SC1500 1500mAh 2.4V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    SC SC1800 1800mAh 4.8V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    SC SC2000 2000mAh 6.0V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    SC SC2200 2200mAh 3.6V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    C C2200 2200mAh 1.2V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    C C2500 2500mAh 3.6V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    C C2800 2800mAh 4.8V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    D D4000 4000mAh 1.2V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    D D4500 4500mAh 6.0V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    D D5000 5000mAh 2.4V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    F F7000 7000mAh 1.2V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    NiMH Model No. Capacity  Voltage  Cert.
    AA AA1300 1300mAh  1.2V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    AA AA1500 1500mAh 3.6V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    AA AA1800 1800mAh 4.8V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    AA AA2000 2000mAh 6.0V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    SC SC2500 2500mAh 2.4V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    SC SC3000 3000mAh 6.0v UL/CE/ICEL1010
    C C4000 4000mAh 4.8V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    D D7000 7000mAh 1.2V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    18700 18700 4000mAh 1.2V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    18700 18700 3800mAh 2.4V UL/CE/ICEL1010
    18700 18700 3000mAh 3.6V UL/CE/ICEL1010


    High Temperature Emergency Lighting Battery

    High Temperature Emergency Lighting Battery

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