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Nine Idea About the Batteries

Maxpower is a quality stable factory, we already cooperate more than 10 years.

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Maxpower has a wide range of battery series, Very good for our trading company to source most of battery and models. Your sales team service r very nice too. Thanks for your support.

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—— Christophe

we purchase MP li-po battery n supply to our end user for printing device. Now we are doing our own brand from them. and keep on cooperation.

—— Andrea Kaspin

Maxpower li-ion battery match our mobile and do our brand in india market more than 5 years.Very good sale. Give promised guarantee.

—— Rejesh Jain

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Nine Idea About the Batteries
Latest company news about Nine Idea About the Batteries

From Jun,28th to 30th this year, the European Battery and Electric Vehicle Exhibition will be held in Stuttgart, Germany, This year's European Battery Show will feature heavyweights from the biggest names in battery and electic vehicles , will speakers from Northvolt, Solid Power, Volkswagen and Volvo,among others.


Here are some of the big ideas they will discuss at the meeting.


NO.1 Power Up Everything

While passenger cars have been the vanguard of eletrification, electric commercial vehicles, air transport and heavy machinery are on the horizon. At the Eurobattery conference, speakers from Daimler, Volocopter and Suncar HK will discuss the progress being made.


NO.2  Expand the charging network

Without a robust charging infrastructure,EV innovation will be in vain. At the Battery Show session, Susanne Koblitz, head of charging technology at high-power charging network lonity, will discuss what hinders the development of high-power charging on the European continent; Christelle Verstraeten, senior director of European policy at ChargePoint, will explain how to build a comprehensive charging infrastructure; And Adam Alexander, battery technologist at the BMW Group, will discuss fast charging technology.


NO.3 Long-term Energy Storage

Since the sun and wind aren't always there, we need a way to store electricity from renewable sources like solar panels, wind turbines, etc., and distribute it when needed. This is where long-term energy storage comes in. At the Battery Show session, speakers will discuss challenges associated with long-term storage and consider the current state of energy storage in Europe.


NO.4 Solid State Battery

The advantages of solid-state batteries include higher energy density and lower risk of fire. For electric vehicles, this means longer driving distances and greater safety. So what is the current state of solid-state batteries? At the Battery Show session, Solid Power Marketing Director Jon Jacobs will provide an update on the company's solid-state electric vehicle batteries, and IDTechEx Chief Technology Analyst Xiaoxi He will provide an overview of the solid-state industry.


NO.5 Beyond Li-Ion

Lithium-ion batteries today account for the largest share of batteries used in the transportation sector, yet there are growing discussions about alternatives that could replace lithium-ion batteries. Learn about the potential of sodium-ion batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries and more at the Battery Show conference.


NO.6 Silicon Anode

Silicon anodes may take lithium-ion batteries to the next level by increasing energy density, enabling smaller footprints and/or longer runtimes. However, the technology of lithium-silicon batteries still faces some challenges, including life cycle and rechargeability. At the Battery Show conference, speakers will present the latest investments in silicon anode materials, the outlook for the silicon anode market, and the latest developments.


NO.7 Simplify the Supply Chain

Events from COVID-19 to the Russian-Ukrainian war have disrupted supply chains in recent years, driving up prices and disrupting the business of battery and electric vehicle makers. As a result, many companies have been looking to shorten and simplify their supply chains. At the Battery Show session, speakers will describe how to build a sustainable and competitive battery supply chain, including strategies such as pursuing vertical and regional integration.


NO.8 Smart Battery

If you've ever checked the status of your smartphone's battery, then you can benefit greatly from a battery management system. These systems measure and communicate state of charge and battery health, regulate the temperature of the battery environment, and initiate cell balancing. Battery management systems are starting to get smart, and at the Battery Show session, speakers will discuss their ability to predict and improve performance, extend life, and ensure safety.


NO.9 Giving Batteries a Second Life

Many metals used in batteries are finite resources and difficult to obtain. With rising prices and environmental concerns associated with mining, there has been a strong interest in battery recycling. At the Battery Show session, speakers will discuss how to overcome the challenges posed by lithium-ion battery recycling to make the practice sustainable and profitable, and consider echelon use of electric vehicle batteries (Second Life)


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