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12V 3.0A Lithium Ion Battery Charger ABS Plastic For NI-MH Ni-CD

12V 3.0A Lithium Ion Battery Charger ABS Plastic For NI-MH Ni-CD

  • 12V 3.0A Lithium Ion Battery Charger ABS Plastic For NI-MH Ni-CD
12V 3.0A Lithium Ion Battery Charger ABS Plastic For NI-MH Ni-CD
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MaxPower
Certification: CE ROHS
Model Number: M4
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 PCS
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Gift box, colorful box ,export carton
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union,paypal
Supply Ability: 30000 PCS per Day
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Detailed Product Description
Charger Type: Lithium Ion Battery Charger Input: 12V 3.0A
Size: L162mm W 100mm H 36mm Material: Black ABS Plastic
Coatible Battery: Lithium Ion 18650 BATTERY , Nimh,nicd Battery, Guarantee: 12 Months
High Light:

3.0A Lithium Ion Battery Charger


12V Lithium Ion Battery Charger


ABS Plastic Intelligent Battery Charger

Smart Lithium Ion LCD Battery Charger for NI-MH ; Ni-CD and Lithium Ion battery








Thank you for using our coany’s smart charger product -LII-M4. This is a high-end intelligent fast charger, which has the functions of key control / 4-channel independent charging / battery capacity detection / anti reverse connection / short-circuit protection / overcharge protection / USB 5v1A output(power bank) and battery zero voltage activation function, also it can automatically and timely monitor battery charging and discharging and detection process.


Lii-M4 can charge a variety types of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries and Ni-MH/Cd batteries, which are widely used in battery charging of strong flashlights, power tools, instruments, digital cameras and other electronic products. The product appearance is beautiful and atmospheric, safe and easy to operate, easy to carry with powerful function. It is a good helper for your home and travel.










1. Warning


1) The charger can only charge cylindrical lithium-ion battery and Ni-Mh battery, but not LiFePO4 battery;

2) Before use, please refer to the manual carefully and pay attention to the recommended charging current of the charging battery, and do not exceed the recommended charging current;

3) Please use appropriate power adapter;

4) The charger may get hot when charging and discharging, and pay attention to avoid scalding;

5) When you stop using, please unplug the power supply and battery;

6) It can only be used only indoors;

7) The test data of this product is for reference only. Please refer to the professional instrument for the actual situation.


2. Functional features


1) Using type-C interface 5.0V input min.2A

2) Two selective charging current: 500mA / 1000mA;

3) Battery capacity test function;

4) For different size of cylindrical batteries (18650 / 26650 / /AA / AAA) charging battery at the same time;

5) This product adopts one screen independent LCD display, and the operating mode (charge and test), battery voltage (V), working current (MA), charging time (H), battery capacity (MAH) and power percentage (%) are clear at a glance;

6) In charge mode, 4 channels work independently, and different charging current can be selected to work at the same time;





7) In test mode, the normal battery capacity test process consists of three steps (1. Fully charged, 2. Then discharged fully, 3. Fully charged);

8) Charge mode and test mode can work at the same time; charging capacity test / normal capacity test function can be set independently, without separate discharge test function;

9) Various protection functions: overcharge and over discharge, short circuit, 0V voltage activation function, (- Δ V &a; 0 Δ V), 1.65v-2.2v non charging function, intelligent identification of bad battery and reverse battery detection and protection;

10) With standard 5V / 1000 mA USB output(power bank) function.


3. Description of buttons

The charger has four buttons, the mode button, channel 1-2 data tracking buttons, channel 3-4 data tracking buttons , and current button. The four buttons have the function of lighting LCD backlight at the same time, which is sile and convenient to use;


1) Mode button: mode selection; including charge charging mode and capacity test mode; under normal circumstances, long pressing mode button switch between charge mode and capacity test mode: first, press 1-2 and 3-4 keys to select channel, then long press mode to change work mode, press current key to change current, if no action for 8 seconds, it will enter into working state, so easy to operate;

2) 1-2 channel key: corresponding to channel 1 and channel 2; continuously press the key to select and view the data of channel 1 and channel 2 in turn;

3) Channel 3-4 button: corresponding to channel 3 and channel 4; press the key continuously to select and view the data of channel 3 and channel 4 in turn;

4) Current button: current selection; Li- ion:500mA/1000mA Ni MH / Ni Cd: 500mA; long press this key can control the LCD screen to display normally;


The charger can press the corresponding function button to change the independent charging or different current selection, as well as the mixed charging of different batteries. Under the working state, you can lightly press the (1-2, 3-4) key points to view the corresponding channel current (MA) / capacity (MAH) / voltage (V) / time (H) and other data reference values.


4. Mode operation description:

When the charger is connected to the power supply, the LCD screen of the charger will be fully illuminated and fully displayed in a moment, and it will be ready in 3S. If no battery is not inserted, it will display "null"; if it is a bad battery, or if the battery is reversed, it will display "err"; when the battery is fully charged, it will displayend and 100%;




1.1 when the charger is connected to the power supply and inserted with battery, the system will automatically enter charge mode and will default charging current as 500mA. Within 8s and before the charger starts to work, you can select the charge current of 500mA or 1000mA. If no more action within 8s, the selected current will be locked for charging while other functions will be locked. If you need to change, you can long press the mode button to re-select;


1.2 in charge mode, when the "charge" is flashing in the LCD, press 1-2 and 3-4 channel buttons to select the battery channel, then press the current button to select the charge current. After selection, if no action for 8s, it will enter the charging state. Pay attention to selected charging current which should be according to the capacity of the battery. If fast charging is not required, 500mA charging is recommended, which is the safest;



1.3 in charging mode, you can view the parameters such as capacity(mAh) / charging time (h) / charging current (mA) / battery voltage (V) of each channel by lightly pressing the channel button 1-2 and 3-4. After the battery is fully charged, "end" will be displayed;


(Note: when charging with 1000mA current, only two channels of the 4 can be inserted with batteries, only for lithium-ion battery. If more than two channels are inserted with batteries, the system will automatically reduce the charging current from 1000mA to 500mA.)





2) Test (capacity detection mode)

In the test mode, The process will be firstly fully charged, secondly fully discharged, while the discharge capacity and other parameters are recorded finally the battery is automatically fully recharged(the charging capacity will be not recorded). The LCD display retains the discharge capacity and other parameters for the discharge stage. The detailed steps are shown in the following figure:


Enter TEST mode, select the charge current, starting charging, discharging then pre-charging, showing “END”



2.1 long press mode in any state to re-enter test mode;


2.2 after entering the test mode, 500mA or 1000mA charging current can be selected within 8s. if no setting is done within 8 s, the system will automatically lock the 500mA current(the current at this time is the default by the system). (Note: Ni-MH(Cd) batteries can be charged only at fixed 500mA current)


2.3 when the battery is fully charged for the first time, the system will automatically switch to discharge, and the discharge current is fixed at 500mA. After fully discharged, system will record the discharge data of capacity, voltage, time and so on.


2.4 when the battery is fully discharged, the system will automatically switch to fully pre-charging after which the system will not record the charging capacity data, but the discharge stage capacity. The end image will flash it is fully pre-charged. Finally, the system will display end and 100% and stop charging.


(Note: when charging with 1000mA current, only two channels can be charged and only lithium-ion battery can be charged. If more than two channels are used, the system will automatically reduce the charging current from 1000mA to 500mA for charging; the discharge current is fixed at 500mA.)



5. USB power bank 5V output


5.1 USB is only used as 5V mobile output, and the output current is 1000mA;





5.2 Only when the charger is fully loaded with Lithium-Ion batteries, can the USB power bank output function work, while 5V electronic products can be powered.



6. Specific parameters


6.1 DC input voltage and current: 5V / 2.0A(min.)




6.2 DC output:

Li-Ion 4.20V 500mA*4 /1000mA *2


Ni-Mh/Cd:1.48V 500mA*4


6.3 For wide sizes of cylindrical Li-Ion/Ni-MH rechargeable batteries:21700. 26650, 18650,14500, 18500, A123, AA,AAA and so on;


6.4 discharge current for test mode: 500mA


6.5 USB power bank function: 5V /1000mA

6.6 Charge and discharge cutoff mode: intelligent voltage monitoring

6.7 overall dimension: 146mm (length) * 100mm (width) * 33mm (height)




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